yam-kingofcrops asked:

Hi JD, I wanted to ask about some of your early songs. I haven't ever been one for track names, but i believe i'm referencing "pure love" and "pure intentions", maybe some others? The songs you did with those MIDI sound effects. In any case, i wanted to ask- 1.) What did you use for those sounds? 2.) Are you of the opinion that they aged really badly? 3.) What was your purpose for including them? An affinity for them, or a desire for more instrumentation? Thanks for your time!

johndarnielle answered:

It’s a little Casio keyboard, I think the letters are SK-7, I put a picture of it on Twitter once. I like the way it sounds, though some of that is sentimentalism, for sure - it was already a “dated” sound by then, though I’m of the opinion that spending even a second of one’s life worrying about whether something’s “dated” or not is a grievous waste of one’s brief time above ground. When I hear them, I feel the same sort of mildly condescending affection I feel for much of my early work. The Casio seemed like the best presentation for those particular songs at that time, so that’s how I did them; after “Blues in Dallas,” as with the overall approach on All Hail West Texas, I felt like I’d taken that road as far out as it went, and I moved forward.